The best in professional results based massage therapy.

Trusted by professional athletes and performers.

Joining the MedMassage team requires at least five years of field experience.

A majority of primary care physician office visits involve stress related symptoms.

Look beyond the spa for true massage therapy.

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Improve circulation, flexibility, mobility and metabolism to prevent injuries

Speed healing, re-educate muscles for pain-free movement

Stress, chronic and acute pain, muscle tension


MedMassage is medically based, clinically effective treatment for anyone interested in improving their overall wellness.

Massage therapy is, by nature, a form of preventive medicine. MedMassage takes it to a higher level, replacing faddish spa pampering with results-based, clinically effective, deep tissue massage from a team of highly experienced, licensed health care professionals.

MedMassage makes it easier to live a healthier lifestyle. By reducing acute pain and stress, correcting physical issues and helping to maintain overall quality of health, MedMassage is "health assurance®." LEARN MORE

Health Assurance for the
Cleveland Browns

( six seasons )

"During the time they spent with us, they demonstrated a great enthusiasm for the science of sports medicine and sports massage."

Health Assurance for the
Cleveland Cavaliers

( over 10 seasons )

"They achieved great success with our team and players because of their enthusiasm and knowledge in the massage therapy and sports medicine setting."

Health Assurance for the
Performing Arts Community

( since 1998 )

"The entire staff of LMTs are by far the most knowledgeable and well-seasoned massage therapists. Their sense of touch and ability to read the muscle tissue and the patient’s range of motion and complaints makes them very adapt at their craft."


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